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Water Pearls HD – The Time Lapse Guys

I was walking around in a party store buying some stuff for my nephew’s birthday and spotted these brilliant little water pearls/balls. These water pearls expand up to 150 times in volume over 6-7 hours. It’s pretty amazing to watch. Each scene here took me quite a while to shoot. The last one (in the glass) was particularly difficult as I underestimated the amount of pearls that needed to go into the glass. I had to keep adding more water and pearls till I got what I wanted (Overflowing). As I couldn’t move the glass during the shoot, I had to think of a way to drain all the water out of the glass without moving it. I ended up having to use a straw (I don’t recommend) to suck out all the water and spit it out obviously. Don’t try that.

This one was quite hard to make as I couldn’t just leave it. I had to be there for most of the 18 hours it took to shoot it so that I could make small changes between shots.

I am very happy with the result.

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