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Water Pearls HD – The Time Lapse Guys

I was walking around in a party store buying some stuff for my nephew’s birthday and spotted these brilliant little water pearls/balls. These water pearls expand up to 150 times in volume over 6-7 hours. It’s pretty amazing to watch. Each scene here took me quite a while to shoot. The last one (in the glass) was particularly difficult as I underestimated the amount of pearls that needed to go into the glass. I had to keep adding more water and pearls till I got what I wanted (Overflowing). As I couldn’t move the glass during the shoot, I had to think of a way to drain all the water out of the glass without moving it. I ended up having to use a straw (I don’t recommend) to suck out all the water and spit it out obviously. Don’t try that.

This one was quite hard to make as I couldn’t just leave it. I had to be there for most of the 18 hours it took to shoot it so that I could make small changes between shots.

I am very happy with the result.

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Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2012 – The Time Lapse Guys

After long contemplation, I finally decided to drive to Bristol on the 11th of August 2012 to make this Time Lapse. The 34th Annual Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2012 was excellent. Even though the main attraction ( Mass ascent of over 100 Hot Air Balloons ) didn’t take place because of High winds, I still really enjoyed the Nightglow and the Fireworks. The atmosphere was brilliant (Over 300,000 people). The large number of people meant I couldn’t move from my spot for many hours as I’m quite sure I would lose it. In the end, it was all worth it. I got some good shots of the event and the result is quite satisfying.

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Light Painting #4 HD – The Time Lapse Guys

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Snail (Cheerio) HD – The Time Lapse Guys

Say Hello to ‘Cheerio’ (Named by the Niece). I found Cheerio in my lawn, covered with all sorts of gunk. After a good cleaning with a cotton bud, some fresh water and food, Cheerio was happy to perform. I really enjoyed making this video even though it was quite difficult to predict where I should focus. Please Like, Share on Facebook/Twitter & Subscribe for Cheerio! 🙂
No snails were hurt during the making of this video.

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Light Painting HD #3 – The Time Lapse Guys


Magic Coal HD – The Time Lapse Guys

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Rotting Tomato HD – The Time Lapse Guys

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